They Made Me Feel Like Part of the Family

I found the whole process to launch my new Mosquito Authority business to be very easy.

Management and staff are great to work with and very responsive. They welcomed me immediately and made me feel like part of the family. Networking with other franchise owners has been very helpful, and each have been available and willing with timely advice.

As a franchise owner, it's evident that Mosquito Authority management has and continues to invest a tremendous amount in my future. They have created the best of the best in respect to traditional and social media marketing, my local online footprint and the science behind our service.

I set a pretty high goal for my first season and I succeeded in most part - because I followed Mosquito Authority's plan. I knew my territory could be very profitable because mosquito control was not heard of in this part of Wisconsin. I had my doubts too, but I trusted Joey, Charles, and Jason and am glad I did. I simply followed what they told me to do and now as a franchise owner, have something good going on. I feel very confident moving into next year, I've already had numerous home owners contact me about mosquito control and have heard nothing but positive comments about my services.

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Matt McMahon Wisconsin Franchisee
Incredibly Rewarding To See Our Business Thrive

We made the commitment to invest in a franchise without the complete understanding of what was required to build a successful mosquito control business. We loved the concept of the service and felt we could deliver great value to our future customers. Frankly, we’ve worked very hard to build this into a successful business- and don’t want to give the impression that that a new franchisee can become an overnight success. However, if you asked us if we had the chance to do it over - would we make the investment again - our answer is yes - absolutely! We are at 1100 customers and building; the tools, systems, marketing and support from HQ have leveled up every year. Because of those tools, systems and support, we can easily service our current customers and easily manage continued growth. It's been incredibly rewarding to see our business thrive and look forward to the future!

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Marcy and Scott Langdon Indiana Franchisee
More Than Met My Expectations

When I first looked at the Mosquito Authority offer 5 years ago, my big question was what my life would look like running a Mosquito Authority franchise-would it work for me?

Today, I can emphatically share that the business has more than met my expectations. I have grown personally and professionally, and the team at HQ has been there for me every step of the way.

Economically speaking- on a scale of 1 to 10, owning a Mosquito Authority franchise is definitely a 10 for me and my family!

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Nathan Crow Texas Franchisee
Proven Success With A Solid Business Model

When we started looking at different franchise opportunities, many looked good on the surface, but after due diligence, they did not look as rosy as they first appeared. This was not the case with this opportunity, we wanted a business that was a proven success with a solid business model and found it with Mosquito Authority.

From the first call for service and the subsequent avalanche of new customer calls that followed, we have experienced steady growth, year after year. Competition has not hindered our growth- experience has taught us there really aren't any limitations to grow our Mosquito Authority business. If anyone states that there are; they are simply self-imposed.

Based on the systems, programs and plan Mosquito Authority has developed for new franchisees, anyone who follows it - can be successful!

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Rob and Carmen Lynch Virginia Franchisee

Success Stories

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Chad Hill - Birmingham, Alabama

Before investing in his Mosquito Authority franchise, Chad operated a successful jewelry retail and diamond wholesale business.

After looking at different businesses for the better part of a year, Chad was introduced to the Mosquito Authority franchise opportunity. As an experienced businessman, Chad checked out Mosquito Authority to his satisfaction and purchased his first territory in 2013.

After completing his 1st year in business Chad said, "I was blown away by the number of new customers we acquired which included homeowners, apartment and commercial accounts. They were all super satisfied with our mosquito control service."

Chad and his team currently service over 3,000 customers and continues to grow his business. In 2016, Chad Hill was the recipient of Mosquito Authority’s Franchisee of the Year award.

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Ben Archer - Austin, Texas

Ben Archer is a successful State Farm Insurance owner in Austin, Texas. Being well versed in the power of residual income that the insurance industry provides its executives, in January 2014 Ben invested in a Mosquito Authority franchise opportunity. In less than 3 years, working part-time, Ben has acquired almost 800 new customers - that also provide residual income for him and his family.

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Darren Resa - Fairbanks, Alaska

Darren Resa operates his Mosquito Authority business in Fairbanks, Alaska and has been a franchise owner since 2013.

His season is much shorter than many other franchisees in warmer climates. That hasn't deterred Darren from experiencing success in his territory. Due to his geographic location, Darren charges on average, service fees of $120 per mosquito treatment- which is $40 to $50 more per treatment than other Mosquito Authority franchisees.

At the start of this past season Darren and his field manager attended an outdoor show to promote their business. Darren said, "every person who learned what we do, was interested in what we do." Darren added 31 new customers and collected just over $21,000 in annual service fees by adding a 10% discount if they paid in advance for Darren's 6 service season.

As of this post, Darren Resa services just under 1100 annual customers with his Mosquito Authority business.