Franchise Training & Support

Becoming a Mosquito Authority

Our initial franchise training begins on a Monday evening and ends on Thursday. It is your first step to becoming a Mosquito Authority franchise owner. You will be initiated in the language and processes of the mosquito control industry in order to effectively and efficiently launch your new Mosquito Authority business.

Front Office and Field Operations

You will receive training on every aspect of setting up an efficient front office, customer service and field operations. We will equip you with everything you need to launch a successful business, including hiring tools, employee manuals, job descriptions and management processes. You will be trained in our field protocols, equipment and product use, maintenance and management to professionally serve your customer base in your franchise territory.

Sales, Technology and Turnkey Marketing

We have perfected our instructional design to set you up for success. Our sales and technology training processes help you to acquire new customers and operate Dispatch Plus, our cloud-based management system which allows you to manage your business remotely. You will also have access to our best-in-class online marketing tools, which include an optimized local web presence that will produce hundreds of organic leads, effective pay-per-click campaigns, and highly effective social campaigns. Finally, you’ll have access to our acclaimed National Call Center whereby you’ll have access to our full-time professional customer support and inbound/outbound sales team. These are only some of the motivating reasons to own a Mosquito Authority franchise.

Your Personal Business Plan

You will leave training with a simple, step by step 90-day business plan with specific next steps. You will travel home motivated to win because you have a detailed plan of how you will make it happen for you - and your new mosquito control business. Some new franchisees start acquiring new customers before they've returned home from new franchise training and have called us from the airport just to let us know!

One on One Business Coaching

This is a big differentiator between us and everyone else. We know what it takes for you to become successful. Getting off to a great start is important for your success- and ours. That’s why we invest in your own personal Business Coach for the first year of your business. You will meet your personal coach at training, get to know each other and schedule your first coaching session- before you leave training. Every great star has a personal coach, and you will too! Your success- is our success!

Continuing Support

In addition to all the world class training, technology, proven management systems, marketing campaigns and coaching- the rest of our internal team is ready to support you and your business. You will have 24/7 access to our online training and communication platform that will give you access to everything listed above- in the comfort of your own office. Our staff and community of other franchisees will be there for you and your business.